High Point & Milan – 2015

LakeComo - the best way to spend a day off in Italy

Shopping for our customers at furniture shows is hard work! There is so much beautiful design out there, and we want to get it right […]

Construction at LaDiff – Opening of Our New Outdoor Gallery


We recently had the pleasure of catching up with LaDiff president and co-owner Andy Thornton about the first of several major changes coming this year to LaDiff: […]

MadeInRVA – Handcrafted Furniture & Lighting Show


The first ever Made In RVA Handcrafted Furniture & Lighting Show has come to a close here at LaDiff, and what a show it was. […]

Introducing the Gravity Wall System

Gravity Wall System - Bedroom - LaDIFF

January.  The month of resolutions: eat less, exercise more, stop watching so much junk on tv, cut back on the booze, be more generous with […]

Staff Holiday Picks


With only a few more shopping days left to tackle everyone on your list, we asked the LaDiff team to come up with some suggestions for you.

Learn About the Feedmore Backpack Program


For most kids, the weekend is seen as a time to relax and play. For others, the weekend can be a hungry waiting period until they get a meal at school again. Feedmore has taken this issue and made it an outstanding part of their mission to help YOU help these children in need through the Feedmore Backpack Program.

High Point Follow-Up

Blonde (1)

There are certain signs in the furniture business that tell you when consumers are feeling confident again. There is less ‘brown’ and more ‘vavavoom’ in color. There is less ‘safe’ and more ‘daring’ in design. There is less of the expected, and more of the unexpected. And that’s what LaDiff saw at the last High Point market!

Thank You, Venture Richmond!


Imagine a group of business and community leaders who are so fond of their city that they will donate money, time, and ideas to support this vision. That is the foundation of belief at Venture Richmond.

Organic Furniture And Why We Are Drawn To It


In a past life many, many years ago when I was twenty/twenty-one I started a company that made furniture. The genesis for the business was a brief sojourn in Santa Cruz, California, where I came across a group of people who retrieved old redwood stumps from the surrounding mountains and converted them into organic furniture in multiple forms and shapes.

Meet Christopher Hildebrand: an RVA Maker

ladiff_beam (1)

Nothing makes us happier than seeing and supporting all the local talent and creativity in RVA. Christopher Hildebrand, the man behind Fern & Roby, is fascinated with making and building things and shares our interests on simplistic, locally-made design

Making Ergonomics Fun with Muvman and Swopper


If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the normal office chair, the Muvman and Swopper are your best bet. Come by and test drive a Muvman or Swopper at LaDiff: you’ll feel a difference from the minute you sit down.