High Point Follow-Up

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There are certain signs in the furniture business that tell you when consumers are feeling confident again. There is less ‘brown’ and more ‘vavavoom’ in color. There is less ‘safe’ and more ‘daring’ in design. There is less of the expected, and more of the unexpected. And that’s what LaDiff saw at the last High Point market!

Thank You, Venture Richmond!


Imagine a group of business and community leaders who are so fond of their city that they will donate money, time, and ideas to support this vision. That is the foundation of belief at Venture Richmond.

Organic Furniture And Why We Are Drawn To It


In a past life many, many years ago when I was twenty/twenty-one I started a company that made furniture. The genesis for the business was a brief sojourn in Santa Cruz, California, where I came across a group of people who retrieved old redwood stumps from the surrounding mountains and converted them into organic furniture in multiple forms and shapes.

Meet Christopher Hildebrand: an RVA Maker

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Nothing makes us happier than seeing and supporting all the local talent and creativity in RVA. Christopher Hildebrand, the man behind Fern & Roby, is fascinated with making and building things and shares our interests on simplistic, locally-made design

Making Ergonomics Fun with Muvman and Swopper


If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the normal office chair, the Muvman and Swopper are your best bet. Come by and test drive a Muvman or Swopper at LaDiff: you’ll feel a difference from the minute you sit down.

What do the Eiffel Tower & Fermob’s Bistro chair have in common?


Although the Eiffel Tower is much bigger than the lightweight Bistro chair, an equal amount of thought has gone into both metal works over the years. Both the Eiffel Tower and the Bistro chair attract people from all over the world. The Bistro Chair can be seen in Times Square, Bryant Park, Harvard University and of course, Paris. Just like the brains behind the Bistro chair, the Eiffel Tower proves that collaboration is key to good design.

North American Hardwoods


There are literally thousands of species worldwide – a staggering number – so to narrow it down to a few favorites is a tough assignment. For example, within the genus Quercus – the OAK family - there are over 275-500 species. That’s a whole lot of oak. If we had to narrow it down, these would be our top 4