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High Point Follow-Up

There are certain signs in the furniture business that tell you when consumers are feeling confident again. There is less ‘brown’ and more ‘vavavoom’ in color. There is less ‘safe’ and more ‘daring’ in design. There is less of the expected, and more of the unexpected.

And that’s what LaDiff saw at the last High Point market! Vendors were more upbeat and retailers were interested and intrigued by the new offerings. Here’s a taste of what we liked and where we see future directions:


Blue was on its way back in April. By October it was super strong. This is not your grandmother’s ‘Wedgwood blue’ either. This is sapphire, turquoise, aqua, metallic, and blue topaz. Whether rich and regal, sassy and shaggy, or cool and sophisticated, blue is back baby!

























Also worth noting in the color department is the continued presence of citrus-y yellows and cool lavenders.

Blonde Blonde Blonde

Last market we mentioned our fondness for all of the blonde wood we saw coming back. We were pleased to see even more white oak, natural maple, and light ash this time around. Copeland Furniture’s new Axis dining collection is constructed from solid Ash, available in a crisp ‘soap’ finish (that’s just the name, not the process). We also swooned over BDI’s new Vertica a/v cabinet. The mix of white oak and a white frame had us at hello.

Nothing Glitters Like Gold

There are people who like silver and people who like gold, and usually we fall into the former column. But a new treatment of brushed gold over stainless steel has changed our minds. This softer version of gold – not harsh, bright, and brassy – showed up as table bases, on bar carts, and accenting some of our favorite lighting. It was very sophisticated and a refreshingly warm change.

Glamour & Luxury

After several markets not showing in High Point, Cattelan of Italy was back and had quite possibly the most beautiful showroom of any vendor there. They brought back a sense of style and glamour that we had missed. On the upholstery front, we found luxury in American Leather’s new Luxury Chenille fabrics: so rich, so dense, so… yummy.

























We Are Suckers for Some Really Great Function

You know how we love furniture that ‘does stuff’. Our favorite was a sectional & coffee table that converts into a double bed with storage by pulling one unit around to meet the other. It’s perfect for smaller apartments or double-purpose spaces (study / guestroom combo, perhaps?). This winter, you’ll also find an old favorite – the Seth sofa group – return to LaDiff in the form of a super-multi-function-chaise/sofa flip sectional-WITH queen bed and WITH storage ottoman. Whew! That’s a whole lot of work for one piece of furniture to handle, but if anything can do it, Seth can!

Let’s Play!

Our true litmus test for knowing that moods have lifted is when furniture gets playful. New bars and bar carts were out in numbers. Motion furniture beckoned us to unwind & recline. Then there was our favorite… (and it’s already on the floor at LaDiff)… the District 8 Foosball table! This bad boy features reclaimed wood, an industrial steel frame, and sturdy steel ‘men’.

Wrap Up

Since 1980, when LaDiff first opened in Charlottesville, we’ve seen our share of ups, downs, recessions, and recoveries. The biggest proof of recovery is, quite honestly, not just to survive but to thrive. Several of our suppliers were celebrating anniversaries during this market. Our biggest congrats go to our friends at BDI. Bill Becker and his team have been making high quality, well-designed, fun and functional furniture for 30 years. Cheers to another 30!

A few of our new goodies have already started to arrive at our showroom. More will arrive over the winter months into next spring. Come by and ask your salesperson to share what’s new with YOU.


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