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Thank You, Venture Richmond!

For those of you who enjoyed the Folk Festival a couple weeks back, did you stop and think about how that amazing event all came together? So many events around Richmond, The Second Street Festival, Dominion Riverrock, and RVA Fireworks on the James, are all brainchildren of the amazing organization, Venture Richmond. We’d like to take a minute and thank them for all the time and effort they have put into making the city of Richmond a better place.

Imagine a group of business and community leaders who are so fond of their city that they will donate money, time, and ideas to support this vision. That is the foundation of belief at Venture Richmond. At Venture Richmond, the written mission is to “engage business and community leaders in partnering with the city to enhance the vitality of the community, particularly downtown, through economic development, marketing, promotion, advocacy, and events.”


What sounds like just another “booster” organization is anything but.

Venture Richmond is the heart and soul of downtown Richmond.

Their fiercely dedicated staff can meet with city officials about street cleaning one moment and work up plans for the fabulous Richmond Folk Festival (best in the country!) the next. They believe in grass roots efforts: supporting ideas like the RVA Street Art Festival and Shockoe Design District’s Envision This contest. They are property managers: entrusted by the city with the management of all riverfront property including the renovated Canal Walk and the ideal festival site of Brown’s Island. They are marketers: they preach and sell and promote downtown real estate, downtown development, downtown retail, and, well, downtown Richmond! They help the community: they support teacher recruitment for Richmond’s city school system and help build school-business partnerships. They believe in a diverse, creative, evolutionary, interesting, and prosperous downtown.


We thank Venture Richmond for their support of LaDIFF and for their constant support of RVA.


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