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Learn About the Feedmore Backpack Program

For most kids, the weekend is seen as a time to relax and play. For others, the weekend can be a hungry waiting period until they get a meal at school again. Too many kids in our area rely on their school to feed them healthy meals during the week. When Friday comes, the reliability of that next meal goes away. Going two days without knowing where your next meal will come from is scary for anyone, but especially for children. Feedmore has taken this issue and made it an outstanding part of their mission to help YOU help these children in need through the Feedmore Backpack Program.

Feedmore’s mission is “to fight hunger in Central Virginia.” When you donate to Feedmore, based here in Richmond, you are giving to the Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and the Community Kitchen. Feedmore’s outreach spans one-third of the entire state, serving 21 counties and five cities. But they can’t do it alone. FeedMore relies on the support of local businesses, organizations and individuals like you to put their mission in effect.


LaDiff has always had a goal of being a ‘responsible corporate citizen.’ While our main
mission is to provide you with furniture that is comfortable, colorful, and fun, we also believe it is our mission to give back. Feedmore holds a place in our heart as an organization that sustains our city’s most needy citizens. We believe in their mission, and many of you have told us how much you value this relationship

This winter, we have selected Feedmore’s Backpack Program as the beneficiary of our Ekornes Charity promotion. Each year, Ekornes allows us to select a charity to whom our customers can make a donation. In exchange, you receive a valuable discount off their super-comfortable Norwegian-made seating.

Every $50 donated can provide ten backpacks and feed five children for a full weekend. Every Friday, a Backpack Program child receives a bag consisting of six balanced meals including whole-grain cereals, protein-rich entrees, canned fruits and vegetables, milk and snacks.

To learn more about our ‘donation for discounts’ event, click here. For more information on Feedmore’s Backpack Program, please visit their website here.

Thank you for helping LaDiff provide food for them, comfort for you, and joy for all.

The difference is community


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